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Closing Perspective

"The project plan is the most important tool for a project rescue. Done properly, it can encapsulate many of the elements that need to be communicated to the project team and project sponsors. This chapter did not try to teach you how to build a project plan. Project managers have developed their own styles for doing this. The focus was rather on the type of project plan that needs to be built to facilitate a successful project rescue. This incorporates elements of standard project planning, but there is a much stronger focus on efficiency, clarity, and maintainability. The essential questions for the rescue manager to answer with the rescue plan are as follows:
  • What can we do with what we have?
  • What do we need to do to meet our objectives?
  • What compromises do we need to make?
  • Who needs to make the compromises?
  • Do we have the executive support to make these compromises?"