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Closing Perspective

“This section provided a series of questions to ask regarding the effectiveness of the project rescue process. It is part of a continuous process improvement method based upon Dr. W. Edwards Deming’s Plan-Do-Check-Act model. Specifically, we briefly addressed the Check and Act components of that model. We grouped our questions into three areas: rescue initiation, rescue implementation, and rescue transition. All three phases are important and should go through a continuous improvement effort. Any process improvement methodology will work. If your company uses Six Sigma, Lean, TQM, or another process improvement methodology, use it to test and improve your project rescue process. You hope to never go through this situation again, but if you do, you want to have your rescue processes are refined as possible for your specific situation.”

“We also briefly touched on the importance of formally recognizing the completion of the project rescue effort and its effect on the rescue team. A project rescue takes its toll on the physical, mental, and emotional condition of the team members. Good, strong leadership is urgently needed, especially in the areas of recognition and celebration of milestones. As leader of the effort, you will most likely receive your share of recognition for rescuing the runaway project. Sharing the wealth will help you to build an energized, motivated, successful, and loyal team.”