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“Communication is an Omni directional experience on projects. Pretty much everyone needs to communicate with everyone else throughout all the project phases. This also needs to be done while maintaining controls over what is communicated, when it is communicated, and how it is communicated.”


“Here are some questions to help evaluate the communication experience during the project rescue and to help improve the future standards around this key horizontal linkage:

  • Did anyone complain that communication was poor? Who was left out of the loop? Which roles complained?
  • What did team members say about the communication process? Was it clear? Was it effective?
  • Was information captured and communicated in a timely manner?
  • Were the communication deliverables clear? Did people misinterpret them?
  • Were confidential materials ever accidentally distributed? What was done to ensure that this does not happen again?
  • What improvement can be made in the future?


“With all the parallel activities being pursued in the different phases, iterative validation becomes imperative. By this we mean that deliverables need to be constructed and tested on an ongoing basis – despite the fact that there is also an entire phase dedicated to testing. Here are some questions to help evaluate the validation process that was used in the project rescue:

  • Were the test results a surprise?
  • How many showstopper problems were identified during the testing phase?
  • What type of feedback was received from team members who were required to test their own deliverables?
  • What type of feedback was received from the test groups?
  • Was there a risk that implementation was going to be delayed because of too many problems being identified in testing?
  • How many problems were identified before the testing phase?
  • How well did the test bed work? What improvements were suggested by the team members?
  • How well did the ongoing validation processes work with the quality assurance requirements?”