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PMP® Exam Software Features

The PMP® exam is a multiple choice exam that is administered with a software application. The application offers several software features that can improve your exam scores if you utilize them properly. We'll tell you about 2 of them in this section.


Marking Questions for Review

This feature let's you mark exam questions for review when you're uncertain of the answer to the question, or are less familiar with the subject matter the question is based on. The advantage of marking these questions for review is that it allows you to return to the question without having to memorize all the questions that you'd like to review, or reviewing all 200 questions. If you're like most people sitting the exam, you'll experience the phenomenon of a subsequent question shedding light on the answer to a previous question; that moment when you say to yourself "If the answer to this question is C (and I know it is), then the answer to question 54 must be B." That's when this feature can help you change your answer to the correct one. Even if you don't have this kind of revelation, you may want to revisit the question to see if anything you've learned answering subsequent questions is applicable. This feature allows you to postpone revisiting those questions until you've answered all the questions you do know the answers to. Remember, your objective is to get as many correct answers as possible and to do that you've got to look at all 200!

If you have an epiphany when you answer a question, jot down the number of the question you've received new insight into, along with the correct answer (either the answer letter, or text), on the scrap paper you're provided with. When you reach the end of the exam, click on the review marked questions radio button. You'll be taken to the first question you marked. Re-read the question and see if you've gained any new insight. If the question is one you've noted on your scrap paper, change the answer to the one you've noted.



Reviewing Unanswered Questions

This feature lets you review any questions that you didn't answer in the course of your first pass through them. There are 2 advantages to this feature: it let's you avoid wasting time agonizing over the answer to a question that seems unfamiliar to you, and it allows you to prioritize your time so you answer all the questions you are familiar with before time runs out.

Ignore questions whose subject matter you're unfamiliar (or you can simply guess, and mark the question for review) and move on to the next question. At the end of the exam, you'll have learned something from reading and answering the rest of the questions. This new knowledge may enable you to answer questions you weren't able to answer during the 1st pass. Click the review unanswered questions radio button and you'll be taken to the first question you didn't answer. From then on, clicking the "Next" button will take you to the next unanswered question in sequence.

Using these 2 features as I've described above will allow you to maximize your exam score by ensuring that all the questions you know the answers to get answered, and that you apply the maximum knowledge to all the questions. One more tip: make sure you answer all 200 questions because you're not penalized for guesses or wrong answers! Using these 2 features properly will improve your exam score and your chances of passing the exam on the first try.

If you're considering purchasing AceIt
© (or have already purchased it) you'll have a product that mirrors the features in the PMI's version of the exam software, including the 2 described above. Make sure you become familiar with using these features before sitting the exam. This will be helpful even if you can pass the exams with ease. Try answering all 200 questions without using these 2 features, then try the same exam right away using the 2 features. I'll bet your score improves on the 2nd try!

PMP is a registered mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.