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Management Support – Following the Leaders

“People look to their leaders for direction. This holds true in most facets of life and is especially true with projects. In most cases, senior management will give vocal support for the project, and even follow up that support with financial support. But that is not enough. The senior management team must provide support of the project through action. They must vote with their calendar. The answers to the following questions will help you determine whether the senior management team truly showed support for the project”.


“Did a member or members of the senior management team

  • Speak at the project kick-off?
  • Relate how the project fits in the company’s strategic direction?
  • Attend the monthly project status meetings?
  • Attend the project audit review meeting?
  • Attend informal project social gatherings?
  • Provide the appropriate key people for the project, even though they may have been involved in the daily operations of the business?
  • Resolve issues in a timely manner?
  • Approve deliverables in a timely manner?
  • Show support even when the project schedule slipped or the budget was overrun”?


“In general, the senior management team should be project advocates. Its advocacy will be contagious and spread throughout the organization and across the company’s value chain”.