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Functional Requirements Management

"A key to any successful project is to have clear, defined requirements. Functional requirements management is the process of defining and refining the business functional requirements of the proposed project and managing the development, testing, and training process to ensure that these requirements are ultimately met. You start the process at the top, by gathering strategic goals and objectives from senior management and decomposing them down to the work level. Once the work is completed, it becomes a bottom-up process to assure that the goals and objectives have been met. The process of successfully defining, executing, and managing a project's scope is dependent on thoroughly gathering and documenting the project's functional requirements. The fulfillment of each functional requirement is paramount to the overall success of the project and acceptance of the final product."

"Different methodologies have different standards for producing functional requirements. However, most methodologies allow for additional artifacts to support the method's standard requirements document. Presented next are two supporting tables that help you trace requirements back to business goals and objectives. The table capturing Project Goals and Objectives is available in the PM Tools & Techniques area of this web site, or by clicking this link. It is a centrally located list that should be available to each member of the extended project team via read-only access. This is a valuable reference tool because it confirms and communicates the project goals and objectives and is the basis from which all subsequent project phases are rooted."

The Requirements List table is also available in our PM Tools & Techniques area, or by clicking this link. This table shows how requirements tie back to the project goals and objectives and also lists the test script that proved the requirement. Notice that a goal may be satisfied by more than one requirement. Likewise, a requirement may address more than one goal or objective. Together these tables provide a quick, easy to understand reference of the project's functional requirements. They provide a good appendix to your formal requirements document."

Project Goals and Objectives A table used to capture the Goals and Objectives of the project as stated by senior management Word Documents Download
Requirements List This list translates the project's goals and objectives into functional requirements and relates each requirement to one or more goals or objectives Word Documents Download