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Important Relationships

"Important relationships are also highly relevant to the rescue initiative, but just a little less intense. There are six key relationships in the extended organization, as described in the following sections."
Executive Sponsor - Project Management  "The relationship here may have soured because the project attempt was not successful and needed to be rescued. They may be placing blame on each other. The reality is probably somewhere in the middle. The rescue manager must take on the responsibility of bringing these sides together. The relationship between the executive sponsor and project management will be key as the rescue is completed and you move into other phases of the project."
Rescue Manager - Stakeholders  "While the key relationship is between the rescue manager and the project management, additional information and goodwill can be gained from the stakeholders. Stakeholders, as their name suggests, hold a stake in the rescue manager being able to deliver business value. This will motivate them to share information and resources more readily with the rescue manager."
Rescue Manager - Team  "There may be hard feelings between the team and project management due to the stressful project environment. The rescue manager needs to establish a trusting relationship with the project team to satisfy their personal and professional motivations. At the same time, the rescue manager needs to help improve the relationship between the team and the management group. The latter is better positioned to reward team members long term, so it is in the team members' best interest to improve their relationship with the more permanent side of management."
Rescue Manager - Third Parties  "Third parties play an important role in all contemporary projects. This relationship must be established to fully leverage the infrastructure of all relevant third parties. They need to be available to move the project forward, and a strong reach into the third-party organization increases the number of resources available to the rescue manager to move the process forward successfully."
Stakeholders - Project Management  "This is an important relationship over the long term. Stakeholders will probably have a strained relationship with the project management group because of the problems in the project. There may be a lot of finger pointing. Neither group may appreciate the challenges being faced by the other. The rescue manager and the executive sponsor need to smooth out any differences as the project rescue starts to deliver value."
Project Management - Third Parties  "The project mangement group needs to build on the relationship established by the rescue manager with third parties. Again, there probably are existing but strained relationships between these different groups that need to be repaired."