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Personal Motivation

“Aside from a desire to add value to the organization, people are also driven by personal motivations. There is a lot in play here, and this motivational area is more complex than the professional one. The interaction of backgrounds, history, core values, and drivers is difficult to predict, and produces different results in individual candidates.”

“Some people may be driven by the need to acquire power, others by compensation, and still others by the desire to learn something new or different. Individual team members may be taking a short or long term view. There may be medium-term requirements. There may be requirements that the employee may not even be aware of, but which could become a reality before the project rescue is completed – further complicating the status quo.”

“Several other factors further complicate this situation. For example, a team member may not be upfront about what they really want. They could change their mind, or they may no longer trust what they hear.”

“Personal motivations can be confused with greed. Some believe that employees who ask about what’s in it for them are being disloyal, unprofessional, or difficult. This is not true for the most part. These questions are fundamental to our basic motivations. The objective is for everyone involved to do the right thing for the organization and the people delivering the work.”

“The following list identifies some of the questions that employees asking themselves or other team members. Addressing these as part of the rescue planning process can take them off the table and get the team focused on saving the project:”
The affect that personal motivation can have on a project is more easily understood when you understand the concepts of conflict management from the Resource Management perspective. Writing and passing your PMP® certification exam is one way to acquire this knowledge, and demonstrate to the world that you've acquired it. AceIt© can get you that PMP certification. To learn more, click on this link.