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Personal Motivations

"Using the questions related to the personal motivations, the table below provides some suggestions for building a consensus and the challenges that need to be faced in removing related conflicts."
Motivation Suggestions for Consensus Building Challenges
Is this for real?
Prove that the organization is committed to the rescue by empowering the executive sponsor. Demonstrate that the difficult decisions are going to be made going forward.
Disassociating this rescue effort from past attempts that were half-hearted or not supported.
What am I getting out of this?
Publish a clear incentives statement. Build a written plan with each team member to describe their role in the rescue, their personal goals, and the incentives.
Targeting incentives at the right levels.
Is this consistent with my core values?
Get feedback from each team member while building the personal plans. Getting team members to speak openly.
How do I feel about other team members?
Focus the team on rescue objectives. Respect their personal preferences while not impacting the initiative. Remind people that they do not need to like someone or agree with them to work together.
The intensity of the emotions can be overwhelming in this area. Particularly difficult team members may need to be separated for the good of the rescue. Additional effort will be required to fill in the gap as a result of this type of transfer.
Am I being treated well?
Use the personal plan and incentive package to demonstrate commitment to individual team members. Listen to their issues and problems - both professional and sometimes personal. Follow up.
Do they even deserve better?
Track the initial milestones to see who is producing and who is not. Of those that are not producing, determine whether this question is the root cause.
Getting the most value from a team member who feels this.
Who's getting the credit?
Distribute credit or blame as a team. Managing promotions and bonuses equitably.