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Professional Motivations

"Using the quesitons related to the professional motivations, the table below provides some suggestions for building a consensus and the challenges that need to be faced in removing related conflicts."
Suggestions for Consensus Building
Where are we going?
The clarity and depth need to be at an appropriate level for all members of the team
Establishing the right level of detail is difficult when trying to document this direction. While a stakeholder may believe that a description is clear, it may not be for the team members doing the work.
How are we getting there?
Get input from the team members and use a workshop with strict rules to define an approach that has buy-in from the individuals in the group.
Overcoming difficult opinions that may still exist. The rescue manager needs to drive the decisions in this case.
How do we add value to the organization?
Focus on the success of the project rescue as being a significant contributor
Keeping focus.
What is the right thing to do?
Focus on adding value to the organization.
Are we doing enough to improve the project?

You'll find that a solid background in the best practices in project management will help you to build consensus in your project. There is no better source of best practices than the PMI's PMBOK® and the PMI's PMP® accreditation is the most widely recognized seal of approval. To find out more about the certification and how to achieve it, visit our PMP® certification area