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Rescue Implementation

“The implementation phase frequently generates confusion between the rescue implementation and the original project’s implementation. Here are some of the questions that the rescue manager should pose to members of the extended project team about the rescue implementation phase:

  • How well did you understand how your role and responsibilities in the project rescue differed from the original project? This question helps you determine if there was confusion between the roles and responsibilities in the project rescue process and the original project. Follow up by asking the person to explain the differences and how they juggled the two primary roles.
  • What went well with the project rescue effort? This question gives the team member the opportunity to describe the activities that went well from their perspective. You can get a sense of team strengths and process strengths when similar activities are mentioned by multiple team members.
  • What did not go well with the project rescue effort? This question gives the team member the opportunity to describe activities that did not go well from their perspective. If you are conducting a live interview, you need to keep the interview from degrading into a gripe session. Ask what they did to try to remedy the problems. Focus on the process and try to filter out the personality conflicts that may slant the response.
  • What would you change in the recovery process to make it more effective? This question should enable you to get some great information on how to improve the rescue process. The respondent should have some good insights, especially after answering the previous two questions in this list. Probe deeply here. Even reluctant respondents have much to contribute. This question again reminds team members that they have to be part of the solution, and not just the ones who raise problems.
  • How effective was the project rescue communications plan? This open-ended question gives you insight to the key component of the project rescue process – communications. Keep the questions in context with the communication plan in order to determine the degree by which the plan was executed. Ask the team member if they understood their role in the plan. Follow up with questions about the quality of the communications. Were they accurate, timely, informative, and clear? Would someone not affiliated with the project in any way understand the status of the rescue effort by reviewing the various forms of communications?”

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