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Track Issues

"Aside from keeping the key metrics upfront, how you manage issues that arise will be critical for continuing to enjoy the confidence of the extended project team. If stakeholders or team members feel that important elements are being ignored or avoided, they will begin to mistrust the process."

"Instead, capture every issue that is reasied electronically in a shared medium and prioritize it according to importance, value to the planned launch, and the timeframe when it is needed. For example, apply the following codes to every issue:

  • Showstopper  Must be done before the project is implemented.
  • Critical  Must be reviewed with the project sponsors and reclassified as a showstopper or downgraded to major status. The latter change means that this issue is no longer stopping the project from launching.
  • Major  Can be done in a cleanup stage after launch.
  • Minor  Should be done only if time permits.
  • Nice to have  These are not going to be done, let's face it, during a project rescue.
  • Enhancement  Functionality for a future release."

The above is an excerpt from a book written by Sanjiv Purba and Joseph Zucchero, published by McGraw-Hill/Osborne, 2100 Powell Street, 10th Floor, Emeryville, California 94608 U.S.A. Sanjiv has over 20 years of experience managing large projects and many years engaged in rescuing ailing projects.