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Executive Sponsor Questions

These are some of the questions that we recommend that the rescue manager pose to the executive sponsors during the remainder of the execution phase:
  • "What do you need to see to give your acceptance to deploy whatever is being built?  This question refers to the final format and content of the deliverables that the executive sponsors need to see to give their written acceptance for launching the completed product, including the required test results.
  • How much time do you need to make a decision after these final deliverables are provided for your review?  This is an important question because some sponsors may not understand the importance of their involvement in the final days of the project or, more likely, may be getting cold feet and need to be pinned down to make binding decisions. This time provision should be part of the deliverable acceptance criteria defined in the SOW.
  • Which of the issues marked critical in the bug log can be downgraded to a more acceptable status?  Having liked the results of the rescue initiative so far, the sponsors may be more comfortable launching with some bugs in a noncritical status and letting these be fixed later on.
  • Do you have any more suggestions or comments?  This open-ended question will encourage the sponsors to identify any other latent ideas or feelings that could still prove to be useful to the initiative. They should be pressed to identify any issues or concerns that they have not shared.
  • Will you support our workaround processes? For how long?  These questions are relevant only if workarounds are being identified because some of the functionality is not going to be delivered as per the original scope."