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Project Management Tips and Tricks

This section contains tips and tricks that you may find helpful for managing your projects. The material contained in this section is not meant to be a comprehensive guide for managing projects, it is meant to be used piece meal. Check the entries out for tips that deal with project issues you currently face, or that you think may be useful to you.

The material is laid out in 11 sections, 9 of which align with the knowledge areas in the PMBOK® Guide. The 10th section deals with project rescue (thank you Sanjiv Purba), and the 11th deals with special topics. You'll notice 2 things about the entries below:
  1. Some of the entries are captured in more than one knowledge area. That's because the subject they deal with encompasses more than one knowledge area.
  2. Human resources contains by far the most entries. This is not by accident. Managing project human resources is the most important project management endeavor and the most difficult.
The titles are all linked to supporting web pages. To access an article, mouse click on the link embedded in the title.

Integration Management Scope Management Time Management
Change Management Tips
User Manuals & Guides
Missed Deadlines
CR Buffers
Training CR Buffers
Paying for Change
Requirements Management
Risk and the CP
Managing the CCB
Dealing with Late Requirements
Taming MS Project

Who to Solicit
Effort and Duration Estimation
Badly Handled Changes
Solicitation Techniques
Scheduling Relationships
Controlling Change Requests
Clear Requirements
Correcting Scheduling Problems
"What If" Scenarios
Scheduling Activities
Earned Value & Time Sheets

Identifying Approvers
Knowing the Score

Requirements Traceability
Calculating SPI

Prioritizing Requirements
Project Decisions

Choosing an SDC Methodology

Incorrect or Incomplete Requirements

Writing the SOW

Creating the WBS

Pilot Projects

Software Prototypes

CMMI and Configuration

Controlling Scope

Configuration Management

System Cutovers

Breaking the Work Down

Writing a Project Charter

Cost Management Quality Management Human Resource Management
Managing the Recession
Poor Quality
Quality Management
Team Performance
Controlling Software Development Costs
Testing Tools
Improving Individual Performance
Paying for Change Reviews and Walkthroughs
Missed Deadlines
Earned Value & Time Sheets Development Testing
Knowing the Score QA Testing
Poor Quality
Budgeting for IT Projects
User Acceptance Testing
"Needy" Programmers
Budget Planning for Software Projects 9 Tips for Software Testing

CMMI and the PMBOK®
Resolving Conflicts Within the Team

CMMI - Requirements Management
Resolving Conflicts Outside the Team

CMMI and Planning
Managing the Genius

CMMI and Tracking
Building a High Performance Team

CMMI and Procurement
e-mail Conduct

CMMI and Quality
Common PM Errors

CMMI and Configuration
Bad Planning

Project Audits
Incorrect or Incomplete Requirements

Badly Handled Changes



Remarkable Project Managers

Gustave Eiffel

General George S. Patton

Frank Crowe

Roeblings (Brooklyn Bridge)

General Leslie Groves


Ethical Project Management

Ethics & CSR

Leadership and Management

Building Trust

Motivation Tips

How the "Pros" Manage

Imitate the Pros

Coaching and Mentoring

Sponsoring a Project

Admitting Mistakes

The Future of Project Management

Keeping Your Sponsor Engaged

Management by Walkabout

Managing the 50% Resource

Critical Resources

Build Masters

Team Leads

Software Architects

Database Architects
Communications Management Risk Management Procurement Management
Project Communications
Risk Management
Writing the SOW
e-mail Tips
Risk Analysis
Vendor Management
e-mail Wars
Risk Strategies
CMMI and Procurement
Public Relations
Risk Maintenance

Stakeholder Expectations
Risk and the CP

Common Risks

Meeting Time Keepers
Risk Appetite

Dealing with Gate Saboteurs
Risk Workshops

Successful Gate Meetings
Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Gate Meeting Decisions
ERM for Projects

Job Huddles
The Gulf Oil Spill

e-mail Conduct
Root Cause Analysis

Customer Management


Meeting Tips

Weekly Status Reports

Steering Committee Presentations

Creating a Project Scorecard

Managing Project Issues

Keeping Your Sponsor Engaged

Management by Walkabout

Earned Value & Time Sheets

Knowing the Score

Project Rescue Special Topics

Symptoms of Troubled Projects
Project Management Centres

6 Signs Your Project is in Trouble
The Future of Project Management

Project Rescue
Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR in the Extraction Sector

Intervention Planning
CSR Lessons Learned

Intervention Execution
CSR Congruence

Post Intervention Review
Not for Profit vs. For Profit

Enhancing the Framework
Outcome Measures

Risk Management
10 Project Rescue Tips

Assessment Questionnaire

Planning the Intervention

Defining the Approach

Project Rescue Plan

Managing the Intervention

Incremental Adjustment

Execution Phase Questionnaire

Deployment Questions

Training Questions


Best Practices

Post-Intervention Questionnaire

Intervention Techniques

Additional Tools