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Technology Questions

“Here are some of the questions that the rescue manager should pose to the technology architects and designers during the execution phase:
  • What technology components have not been through integration testing yet? This question should be directed to the architects and product vendors.
  • Have you tested the limits of the technology? How? These questions should be directed to the architect and the product vendors. Insist on seeing the actual results.
  • What are the security provisions? Direct this question to the technology architects to ensure that security provisions do not become an afterthought in the planning process. The rescue manager needs to assess whether the answers are robust enough, or whether an external team needs to be brought in temporarily to punch up the security provisions. The security plan should be included as a deliverable within the SOW along with the functional and nonfunctional requirements for security. Accordingly, you should also be able to see it in the project plan.
  • What else needs to be done to set up a testing and production environment? Asking this question early in the phase gives you the lead time normally required to select, order, deploy, and configure these tools.
  • Has all the technology been ordered? This question should be directed to the financial or procurement people. The financial or procurement team may not understand the urgency of the project rescue, and this question will keep it in front of them.
  • Do we have the appropriate licenses for all the hardware and especially software that we need? Address this question to the system administrators to ensure that there are no legal problems following the launch. The money to buy these licenses may not have been included in the budget. The executive sponsors may need to lobby for more funds to build this compliance.”