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Testing Questions

“A test lead or manager, who could also have a different role on the project, needs to take charge of the testing activities. This could be part of the testing phase, or any testing-related activities that are going on in parallel with the development activities. The testing phase is part of the execution phase in the rescue.”

Here are some of the questions that the rescue manager should pose to the testing users and test support staff during the remainder of the execution phase:

  • Is the testing architecture set up? This question should be addressed to the technology architect.
  • Are the test environments set up? This question should be addressed to the system administration group to ensure that the technology has been configured so that testing can happen.
  • Have the test cases been documented? This question should be directed to the testing resources.
  • How are bugs or issues being identified, recorded, and processed? This question ensures that all of these are being documented and processed.
  • Have all the testing resources or users been identified? This question should be posed to the testing manager to confirm the availability of the testing organization.
  • What types of tests are you going to do? This question should be posed to the testing manager. The answer should be negotiated to confirm to the standard development methodology testing phases, including regression, stress, integration, functional, and acceptance testing.
  • What are the results showing? This question is a quick way to determine the high-level quality of the application.
  • How long does an end-end-test take? Direct this question to the Testing Manager or Lead Tester. Determine if this is too long to schedule into the plan or too short to do a good job. Update the project rescue plan accordingly.
  • Do you have any other issues or concerns? This open-ended question can be addressed to anyone on the testing team.”