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Change Management

This course that delivers "how to" skills that will put you on top of changes to your project. The material is based on the best change management practices of the PMI but also gives the student tips and tricks that you can put into practice as soon as you complete the course. Learn how to manage change to your project's budget, schedule, and requirements. We'll show you how to craft a process that suits your organization's culture and accommodates changes from the biggest to the smallest. You'll learn:

  • How to identify the information and tools you'll need to define the process
  • How to analyze your organization's personality and how to tailor the process to suit its personality
  • The elements of a process that accommodates the largest change requests and the "lite" process that facilitates minor changes without the overhead of the full blown process
  • To integrate your change management process with requirements management
  • To identify the steps you need to take to implement the process
  • How to avoid those "end runs" that take control of your project team
  • To put the business case together for the requested change
  • From exercises that apply your knowledge to solve problems based on actual study cases
  • How to limit the input of change requests at source


Course Outline

  • Introductions and course overview, identifying student goals and objectives for the course.
  • Formulating the plan, what should go into the plan, defining the change management process, scaling the process to fit the project, defining communications requirements, and identifying the decision makers.
  • Implementing the plan including: communication and education strategies, organizational bad habits and how to change them, using the project sponsor to change organizational behavior, when to change baselines, how to define and implement corrective and preventive actions.
  • Monitoring and controlling changes to the project including: how to respond to change requests, how to provide estimates, providing the right information to the change control board, how to handle changes that try to circumvent the process, and how to communicate new baselines.

Price: $149 $299 (CAD) for a limited time offer. 15 PDUs