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Communications Management

This course builds on the best practices for Communications Management already taught in the PMP® Exam Preparation Course. The course teaches students how to put the theories taught by the PMP® Exam Preparation Course into practice. The course focuses on how to create and implement a communications management plan, how to identify your audience, and matching available information with the information needs of the stakeholders. This course will provide the student with 15 PDU’s.

Course Outline

  • Introductions and course overview, identifying student goals and objectives for the course.
  • Planning your communication activities including: identifying project stakeholders and their information needs, identifying available communication tools, selecting tools that meet project communication needs, "push” and "pull” techniques, and identifying sources of project information.
  • Formulating the plan including: the purpose of the plan, how to integrate the plan with your MS Project plan, what information to put in the plan, the information/stakeholder matrix, the information/timing matrix, and identifying roles and responsibilities.
  • Implementing the communications plan including: using charts and graphs to present project progress information, verifying the accuracy of the information collected, how to export MS Project information to Excel, presenting the information, how to adapt reports to new baselines, using EVM formulas to report progress, and how to report "bad news”.
  • How to use your reports to keep your project on track, identifying effective corrective and preventive actions, how to get accurate progress information from the team, conducting effective team meetings, and conducting effective gate reviews.

Price: $149 $299 (CAD) for a limited time offer. 15 PDUs