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Classroom PM Courses

three O Project Solutions has been in the business of training project managers and project management consulting since 2004. We have helped project managers all over the world to achieve PMP® certification with our on-line training product, AceIt©. We are now offering the same high standards AceIt© offers with a series of classroom courses in selected project management knowledge areas. three O Project Solutions is a Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.®)

PMP® Exam Preparation Course

This course supplements classroom training with computer based training to prepare you to pass the PMP® certification exam. The course covers the best project management practices described in the PMBOK® and other reference materials, in the 9 knowledge areas. The course not only teaches you best project management practices, it allows you to practice them in group exercises. This course will make you a proficient project manager, but its key goal is preparing you to pass your PMP® certification exam, which is where AceIt© comes in. This course satisfies PMI's requirements for 35 hours of project management training and AceIt© prepares you to pass the exam. This course offers:

  • A copy of AceIt©, the software exam preparation tool (a $349 value)
  • Classroom training covering all 9 PMBOK® Knowledge areas, delivered by a PMP® certified trainer
  • Practice test questions, complete with audio/video aids, to measure your progress

  • Exercises that provide an opportunity to apply the best practices you've learned in real life situations
  • A set of exams that simulate the PMP® exam environment
  • A PMP® certified, three O Project Solutions trained trainer

  • A history tracking tool that analyzes your exam scores and focuses your study efforts

Price: $1995. 35 PDUsRegistration scheduleMore course information

Change Management Course

This is a 2 day course that delivers "how to" skills that will put you on top of changes to your project. The material is based on the best change management practices of the PMI but also gives the student tips and tricks that you can put into practice as soon as you leave the classroom. Learn how to manage change to your project's budget, schedule, and requirements. We'll show you how to craft a process that suits your organization's culture and accommodates changes from the biggest to the smallest. The course is taught by PMP® certified trainers. You'll learn:

  • How to identify the information and tools you'll need to define the process
  • How to analyze your organization's personality and how to tailor the process to suit its personality
  • The elements of a process that accommodates the largest change requests and the "lite" process that facilitates minor changes without the overhead of the full blown process
  • To integrate your change management process with requirements management
  • To identify the steps you need to take to implement the process
  • How to avoid those "end runs" that take control of your project team
  • To put the business case together for the requested change
  • From exercises that apply your knowledge to solve problems based on actual study cases
  • How to limit the input of change requests at source

Price: $895, 15 PDUsRegistration scheduleMore course information

Communications Management Course

This 2 day course deals with managing project communications. Communications are the mortar that hold the bricks of your project together. Effective communications are essential for communicating the project work that must be done, the progress the project is making towards those goals, changes to the project plan, and project decisions. Effective communications are also critical for the management of customer expectations. The course builds on the Communications Management and Cost Management areas of the PMBOK®. The course covers:

  • How to create a Communications Plan. What information the plan should contain, and how to use it
  • The elements of a good Communications Plan
  • Behaviors that make project managers effective verbal communicators. Who to communicate with, how to communicate, when to communicate, and how to be a good listener
  • How to conduct team meetings. What information you should communicate in them, and what you should expect to learn from them
  • How to conduct Gate Meetings, Business Decision Point Meetings, or Phase Exit Review Meetings. How to arrange them, what material to cover, who should attend, and how to get a decision from them
  • Project progress reports. What information should be contained in the report, how often they should be issued and what media should be used to communicate them
  • Steering Committee or Project Sponsor reports
  • How to use project metrics to determine when a project needs preventive or corrective action, and what actions might be used to improve performance.

Price: $895, 15 PDUsRegistration scheduleMore course information

Requirements Management Course

This 3 day course covers information that will enable project managers to deliver projects that satisfy their customer's needs. Mastering this material will enable project managers to clearly define requirements for their projects, build the products and services that meet those requirements, and clearly demonstrate to stakeholders and senior management that they have been met. This course is aligned with the Scope Management chapter of the PMBOK®. It teaches project managers PMBOK best requirements management practices and offers practical tips on how to implement those best practices. The student will learn:
  • How to identify the right stakeholders to poll for requirements
  • Tools and techniques that will help translate business needs into software requirements
  • The elements of a good Requirements Management plan
  • Tips and tricks for prioritizing requirements
  • How to identify requirements and trace them through the project
  • How to approve requirements and how to identify the right approvers
  • Components of the Business Requirements Document, the Functional Specification, the Detail Design Document
  • How to improve software design with design reviews
  • How to integrate Requirements Management with Change Management
  • How to trim project scope by eliminating lower priority features
  • How to ensure that each requirement is tested and delivered

Price: $1195, 22.5 PDUsRegistration scheduleMore course information

Risk Management Course

This 3 day course delivers the training you need to protect your project from known and unknown project risks. The course is designed to give you the tools and skills you need to manage project risks from identifying the risks your particular project is most prone to through to defining and implementing effective risk strategies. Learn how to distinguish between the risks that should be avoided at all costs and those that can be accepted or dealt with if they happen. The course teaches project managers PMBOK best risk management practices and offers practical tips on how to implement those best practices. The student will learn:

  • How to identify the right stakeholders to poll for potential project risks
  • Tools and techniques that will help the project manager to identify risks
  • The elements of a good Risk Management plan
  • To create the risk register
  • How to quantify risk events and prioritize risks
  • The various risk responses and how to determine which is suitable for mitigating the risk
  • To identify appropriate contingency plans and when to implement them
  • Keep the risk register up to date
  • How to identify new risks to the project and retire obsolete risks
  • How to integrate Risk Management with Change Management

Price: $1195, 22.5 PDUsRegistration scheduleMore course information