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Post-Intervention Questionnaire

“Throughout this section of the web site, we have focused on the processes and tools used to gain control of a runaway project. After the successful recovery and completion of the project, you should conduct reviews and lessons-learned activities to support the effort to continuously improve your processes. In the pages under ‘Forensic Project Review and Lessons Learned’, we looked at the questions pertaining to the review of your rescued runaway project after its completion. In this section, we look at the project rescue process itself.”

“We employ the concepts of the Deming cycle, of PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) model we will employ continuous improvement of the project rescue process by identifying a series of questions that the rescue manager can pose to measure the effectiveness of the rescue process (Check). These questions fall into 3 categories:


“Once you collect the various facts and opinions and apply critical thought to produce your findings, you can then measure the effectiveness of the rescue process and make recommendations on how to change it for the future (Act).”