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About PMP®Certification
Job Postings:
From a recent ad
in Workopolis.
"A university degree in Science or Commerce and PMP® certification are required.”
The PMP® designation is becoming more widely recognized as PMI continues to improve and market this brand. By becoming certified, you’ll be able to access opportunities not available to you before, such as the ad quoted above.

Chris Kindermans, PMP, founder of Proyecta, Mechelen, Belgium from an article in the February 2006 issue of
PM Network.
"PMP® Certification adds to the respect that a project manager commands”
The PMP® certification is a globally recognized standard for excellence in project management; more and more employers and clients are recognizing this standard and making it a requirement for managing their projects. If you want to stay competitive in the profession, you’re going to have to consider certification sooner or later.

Financial Benefits:
Tom Cruise from the movie,
Jerry Mcguire.
"Show me the money!”
While we can’t tell you how much more money you can earn by being PMP® certified, we can tell you that the certification will open doors for you which will otherwise remain closed. Certification will enable you to advance to more senior project management roles such as program manager or project director. These roles come with increased salaries.

There are many organizations offering excellent PMP® courses, RMC Project Management and Cheetah Learning to name but two. If you're looking for a more cost effective way to prepare yourself for the exam this website offers a software based downloadable alternative to the classroom course. To learn more about this product, AceIt

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