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Certification Instructions

A step by step set of instructions that takes you from the inquiry stage to the certification exam finish line. We hope you choose AceIt® as your Exam Prep Tool but this set of instructions will help you if you don't.
START   Inquiry Stage

STEP 1 - Verify your qualifications:

  1. Do you have a bachelors degree and have you worked in the project management field for 3 years and 4500 hours, or
  2. Do you have a high school or technical school diploma and have you worked in the project management field for 5 years and 7500 hours?

To qualify as project management experience you must have led or directed project work in one of the following areas: project initiation, planning project activities, executing project activities (managing resources doing project work), monitoring and controlling project activities during execution, or closing the project out (archiving all the project artifacts).

You should verify your qualifications first, so time, effort, and money are not wasted on preparing and processing your application.

STEP 2 - Select a training course
The training course needs to provide you with 35 hours of project management training. There are many courses and products out there – be sure that they meet PMI’s standards for PM training. AceIt® provides you with the necessary training hours, plus prepares you for the exam. If you decide to take classroom training, note the times the course is available. AceIt© is available to you at any time – once you’ve made your purchase you choose when to use it.
STEP 3 - Membership
Decide whether you want to become a PMI member. Membership costs $119 USD plus an extra cost for each chapter you wish to join. Most chapters in North America will cost you between $20 and $30 dollars. You will save $150 USD on your exam costs if you become a member. Membership application is online at: http://www.pmi.org/prod/groups/public/documents/info/GMC_MembershipOverview.asp?nav=0301. Click on the "Membership Application” menu item.
STEP 4 - Application
Complete your application form on the PMI website at: http://www.pmi.org/prod/groups/public/documents/info/PDC_CertificationsOverview.asp?nav=0401. Clicking on the "Online Application” menu item will take you to a login screen. Registering for the application is free.
STEP 5 - Acceptance
You will receive an "Authorization to Test” letter within 5 business days of an online application advising you of your acceptance for the testing process.
STEP 6 - Find a Test Location
Go to the Prometrics web site at: http://www.prometric.com/PMI/default.htm to select a time and a location convenient to you.
STEP 7 - Schedule a Course Date (if not using AceIt)
Choose a time for your course that will leave you at least 2 weeks between course end and your exam date. You’ll need this time to prepare for the exam. If you choose to purchase AceIt you can skip this step as you take the course at the time of your choosing.
STEP 8 - Choose Prep Tool
After you complete the course, choose a tool which will prepare you for taking the exam. We hope you choose Aceit because you will be given all the exam preparation features you need.
STEP 9 - Take Prep Exams
Hone your exam skills by taking the exams in AceIt until you score 90%. Try to time this so that you achieve that score 1-2 days before taking the exam. This will help you to hit the exam at your peek.
STEP 10 - Go Write the Exam
FINISH   Now wait for the exam results

PMP®is a registered mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.


Certification Roadmap A step by step set of instructions for the certification process PDF Download