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Get Juicier Jobs after the PMP® Exam through Online Social Networking


Excerpt From an IdeaMarketer Article by Jessica Parklanes


In today's world where almost everything can be performed online - from feeding to fornication and everything else in between - jobs search using the Internet is a natural progression for professionals. You have to thank business social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Plaxo and Ryze for making your jobs search easier after the PMP® exam by expanding your network of contacts at the click of a mouse.

It is this social networking feature of the Internet that you should explore and exploit if you desire to transform your success in the PMP ® exam into juicier jobs. Here is how.

Right Target, Right Groups

First, you have to set the target/criteria of your jobs search - location, expertise needed, educational attainment, industry, and current position, among others. With the plethora of groups in these social networking sites, you will find one that perfectly fits your jobs search criteria. On the other hand, you can always join many groups to expand your network. Eventually, you will have many referrals that will enable you to apply for jobs that are not advertised on the classified ads as well as the positive recommendations from your network of online contacts.

In fact, you can even start establishing your online social network on the day of the PMP ® exam itself! If you can be your charming self, you can ask for business cards and request for your inclusion in existing groups. You have to set aside your competitive instincts because the PMP ® exam is not a competition against other project managers - it is a competition against yourself.

Be Professional, Be Sociable

Unless you are in a social networking site to find your soul mate, posting too informal and too casual messages will not do the trick of finding your dream job. You have to treat virtual networking like it is a face-to-face interaction - with a sense of professionalism and responsibility. You can look back into the Professional and Social Responsibility portion of the PMP ® exam. Some tips:

  • Comment and post to industry links in a professional manner, which shows you are an expert in the field
  • Start a conversation within the group, which reflects your initiative and expertise
  • Continue the conversation others have started in a clear and concise manner, which attests to your willingness to participate in discussions

With online social skills such as these, you will not fail to get your dream job soon after passing the PMP® exam!

Link Up, Link to Many

Don't forget to provide a link back to your Facebook, LinkedIn, Plaxo and Ryze profiles, even your personal webpage. Not only will you be inviting hiring managers trawling for project managers, you will also be providing an ingenious way to have your profile rank higher in Yahoo and Google searches.

Besides, it never did hurt anyone to have as many contacts as possible. Nowadays, finding your dream job is often who you know, not what you know simply because there are many other individuals as bright, as talented, as credentialed as you are. Maybe even more than you are!

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up and link up now!

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