Data Pipeline Methods and Techniques

PROGRAM: Data Engineering

Unlock Your Future with Data Pipeline Course Online: Transforming Students into Data Masters

Data Pipeline Methods and Techniques

Our Data Pipeline online course introduces you to the fundamental concepts of data pipelines, which are critical for transforming raw data into meaningful insights. Start with an overview of the data pipeline process, including the various stages involved in the process, and delve into the technical aspects of the individual stages.

Get the skills you need to be able to design and implement data pipelines for various types of data, and gain a deep understanding of how to transform raw data into meaningful insights.

The program is delivered in partnership with George Brown College, Ontario, Canada.

$449 CDN

Data Pipeline

What You'll Learn

Data Ingestion (collection)

Data Integration (ETL)

Data Profiling and Cleansing

Data Preparation and Analysis

Learn Data Pipeline Process

How to use data pipeline tools (like SQL and Microsoft Power BI)

More Information:


42 Hours


$449, includes a non-refundable materials fee of $140


If you are completing our Data Engineering Program, you must complete all the other core courses in the program before you take this course.

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