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Getting 35 Contact Hours and Preparing for the PMP® Exam


Studying with AceIt© will provide you with the 35 project management training contact hours you need to qualify you to write the PMP® Examination. You need to meet this criterion before the PMI will accept your application to write the exam. At the same time, you need to ensure that your knowledge peaks a maximum of one to two days before writing the exam. How can you reconcile these two seemingly conflicting criteria?

Splitting the exam preparation process into two phases will allow you to meet the requirement for 35 contact hours of project management training, and reach your peak one to two days before taking the exam. The first phase we call the study phase. You’ll review the AceIt© manual during this phase and absorb the material in the manual sufficiently to allow you to answer the questions at the end of each module. Answering these questions correctly indicates to us that you’ve read the material and understand it. Your deliverables for the first phase of your PMP® exam preparation "project” will be the text file(s) containing your answers to the questions at the end of each module.


The next phase of your project will be the practice phase. During this phase you’ll use the practice tests and exams to sharpen your knowledge and prepare to pass the exam. Your deliverables for this phase will be scores of 85% or better on the practice exams. This is the phase you should time to end one to two days before your exam date.


Reaching a peak a few days ahead of schedule won’t be a problem for you if you take some time immediately before the exam to refresh your memory – try taking the exams over again until you achieve your 85% pass rate. This shouldn’t take more than a few hours with the "crib” sheets accompanying each exam. These sheets contain explanations for most questions on the exam.

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