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Mind Flips and Mental Exercises for Your PMP ® Training

Excerpt From an IdeaMarketer Article by Jessica Parklanes

Possibly more than any other time in your professional life, securing your PMP ® credentials can take its toll on your mental health. Your rigorous PMP ®training is a sign of things to come in regards to the 200-question, four-hour Professional Management Institute-administered PMP ®examination - you will be challenged both physically and mentally.

If you are of sound body, then it is also important to be of sound mind. Cliche‚ as it is - a sound mind in a sound body plus thorough examination preparation makes for sound PMP ® examination results. Well, maybe a little bit of luck for good measure.

You Go for Yoga

If you want total body conditioning for your PMP ® training, then yoga is the best option. On the physical fitness side, you can strengthen your body with the yoga postures (asanas). You will be able to attain good body posture, promote blood flow throughout the body and increase your energy levels. Don't be fooled by the pretzel knots your body will be contorted in. You will be prepared for the grueling four-hour exam, which will be peanuts in comparison.

On the mental fitness side, you will be able to achieve calmness of spirit to help you go through your PMP ® training with discipline, focus and clarity of purpose. With its deep breathing techniques and relaxation methods, you can go into the examination room with a relaxed body and mind that allows you to answer the questions with a clear head.

Also, you will not be taking too much time away from your training and review when you do yoga. You can do it in less time than you can make love to your girlfriend, if that reassures you.

Visualize and Imagine

Remember the Buddhist principle that has become the New Age dictum? What you think, you shall become. On that thought, you should visualize and imagine your self breezing through the PMP ® training, entering the examination room calmly, answering the 200 questions confidently and successfully passing your PMP ® examination.

To do this, you have to put yourself in a relaxed state by sitting down comfortably in a quiet spot, taking deep diaphragmatic breaths, and emptying your mind by focusing on your breathing. When you are relaxed, you can start visualizing the things you desire regarding the PMP ®examination - your positive expectations, your success, and your goals. You should make it as detailed as possible; use your imagination to make a movie in your mind.

Ask Questions of Yourself, Find Answers Yourself

Your PMP ® training is about preparing yourself as thoroughly as possible; remember that thorough preparation creates its own luck. On this thought, you have to ask questions from your instructors, your classmates, and yourself to clarify muddy issues in your mind.

Though 75 percent of the PMP ® examinations are taken from the PMBOK ® ​Guide, the other 25 percent can be discussed by your instructors. However, your instructors will not know of your concerns if you do not tell them! They are professional educators and project managers, not mind readers. This said, do not be shy, do not be afraid and do not hesitate to ask questions and to know the answers yourself.

Ultimately, your instructors at the PMP ® training program can only do so much to ensure your success. You have to take the initiative to control your mind and discipline your body to achieve the goals you desire for your career. You can start by doing mental flips now.

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