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Taking the PMP ® Certification Exam? Get Ready for Battle with these Exam Tips

Excerpt From an IdeaMarketer Article by Jessica Parklanes

If you think that the PMP ® certification exam is your average college test where you can cram yet still get high marks in the vicinity of 90 percent, you have another think coming. The PMP exam is anything but easy with its 200-question, four-hour computerized format. And don't you dare think that 61 percent is so easy, so low for overachievers like you!

When you were reviewing for the examination, you could answer the sample questions easily enough in the comfort of your own room with no ticking clocks, no distractions and no proctors looking over your shoulder. However, during the actual examination, you can find yourself in a radically different setting. Read on and know PMP ® certification exam tips on the actual day of the exam itself.

Before Going to the Examination Center

As previously stated, the PMP ® certification exam is a four-hour grueling activity that you have to prepare for. Think of it as the battleground and you as the soldier. On that thought, you can adopt these tips:

  • Sleep early and let your body rest. You need to be alert for the examination much as the soldier needs to be alert on patrol.


    Dress comfortably since the examination room can be either too cold or too hot. Just layer your clothes so that you will be prepared for whatever conditions there are during the examination. You can even use the extra clothes as cushions!


    Arrive early. You have to travel the route even before the exam day so that you can plan for delays; think of this as reconnoiter operation. However, arriving early does not mean that you should not do your ablutions and eat your meal. You cannot waste time going to the restroom and the cafeteria.


    Create a battle plan. You have to formulate effective strategies that you are comfortable with in terms of how to answer and review the questions, how to ease the tension from your body during the exam, and how to replenish your energy.

During the PMP ® Certification Exam

With just four hours allotted to 200 questions with four multiple choice answers, you cannot waste time. This includes taking the tutorial to understand the computer system lest you waste your time navigating it.

Also, you should use the clock to your advantage. You have to pace yourself during the PMP ® certification exam such that you will still have time to answer the questions you have skipped and to review your answers, keeping in mind that you only have an average of 1.2 minutes per question.

Why the need to answer all the questions? Simply because unanswered questions do count as wrong answers! That is why the 61 percent passing rate, which translates to just 106 correct answers, can be damningly difficult.

You also need to fill in the blanks, determine the question being asked and read all answer choices before selecting the most appropriate/correct one. Keep in mind that this is a PMI-administered test so you have to answer based on the PMI mindset.

In the end, your experience and education will get you through the PMP ® certification exam . Regardless of the grade you get, and 61 percent is the gold standard, you will now be a PMI-certified project management professional. Get ready for more projects coming into your lap!

PMP is a registered mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.