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Strategies for Passing the PMP® Exam

Make sure you’ve answered all 200 questions before hitting the "submit” button; use the marking tool provided with the on-line exam to ensure that you’ve answered them all. Remember, even if the knowledge the question is based on seems new to you, you’re not penalized for wrong answers. You can give yourself a 50% chance of a correct answer if you succeed in eliminating all but 2 answers and guess at the remaining 2 but you have a 0% chance of a correct answer if you don’t guess.

One trick you can use to increase the probability of "guessing” correctly is to vividly imagine each of the two as the correct answer and then choose based on your gut instinct. Your chances of choosing the correct answer improve with your knowledge of the material on which the question is based. You can also try regarding the question in a different light: instead of trying to choose the correct answer, try choosing the wrong, or least
correct, answer.

Following the advice detailed above, in combination with a thorough grasp of the knowledge contained in the course materials contained in AceIt© and a minimum, consistent mark of 90% in each of the exams, should be sufficient to pass the exam. In case it isn’t, try remembering those questions that you had to guess at. If you find you’ve failed the exam, write these questions out, to the best of your ability, and ensure that your review of the material, in preparation for the next attempt, enables you to answer them easily.

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